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International music a part of Gradić Fest’s attractive program

It has been announced today at the media conference held at the City Hall in Novi Sad that this year’s Street Musicians Festival – Gradić Fest – will be held next week, from 1st to 3rd September, in the Lower Town of the Petrovaradin Fortress. The festival’s program, which is expanded compared to the previous years, will include music performances,…

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AAaaa adrenaline jump at Gradić Fest

This year, besides culture, art and good energy, the visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy a little adrenaline jump organized by AAaaa Festival and Gradić Fest. The fans of extreme and so-called “green sports” will have their favourite spot in the Lower Town, on Vojno igralište (Military playfield), which is at the edge of a grove on the right…

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UGRIP adventure in the underground of the Petrovaradin Fortress

Photo: Miloš Pavkov

The Walk of Senses through the Legends of the Petrovaradin Fortress is the name of the program which will take the visitors to Gradić Fest into the underground of the centuries-old beauty of Petrovaradin and introduce them in an artistic way to numerous legends which circle through its mystical underground passageways. UGRIP – Urbana gerila ratnici iz podzemlja…

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Pop Up at Gradić Fest

Pop Up, an entertainment platform made up of Berberaj and Public P, will present its program at this year’s Gradić Fest, from 1st to 3rd September, in the Lower Town of the Petrovaradin Fortress. The current representatives of the urban entertainment scene in Novi Sad will present their vision of the old-school fun at Trg Vladike…

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Gradić Fest warm up at club Polet in Belgrade

The Street Musicians Festival will take place from 1st to 3rd September in the Lower Town of the Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad as a part of Gradić Fest, and until then we will be warming up at Polet club in Belgrade. On Thursday 17th August at 8 p.m. you will have the opportunity to taste a little bit of…

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Cinema City also a part of Gradić Fest

This year, international film festival Cinema City is celebrating its 10th anniversary. The 10th Cinema City will take place from 1st to 3rd September in the Lower Town of the Petrovaradin Fortress, as a part of Gradić Fest. As in previous years, this important cinematographic event will offer an unconventional film selection and exciting program, focused…

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The Heart Stays in Our Gradić

The big wooden heart with the word “Volem” (Luving) remains at the Suburbium of Petrovaradin Fortress as a gift to all residents after the Street Musicians Festival, which was held there from 1st to 3rd September. The gift to Gradić, but also to the entire city, is a work by the Festival, which this year changed its address to this…

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Summit of professionals from the region completes the Festival: Public spaces belongs to all citizens

The regional symposium “City Public Space – Cultural Use” was held last Saturday at Brod Theatre of Novi Sad’s Students’ Cultural Center, as part of the accompanying program of this year’s Street Musicians Festival. The themes initiated shed light on the good and bad practices in public space – space that belongs to all citizens – with which this symposium…

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The Street Musicians Festival Ends in Success: Gradić Wide Awake

The relocation of the Street Musicians Festival from the center of Novi Sad to the Suburbium of Petrovaradin Fortress during its 16th edition has successfully ended this weekend, after a three-day long fiesta, which once again completely justified the love and trust put in by the citizens of Novi Sad during these past several years. For three Festival days, over…

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