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Film Front and Festival of Female Film Authors at Gradić Fest!

The 22nd edition of the Festival of Street Musicians – Gradić Fest, in addition to the regular music program, will also include a film repertoire, as in previous years. Lovers of cinematography will have the opportunity to watch selections of short films from Festival of Female Film Authors and the Film Front Festival.

The festival of female film authors shows professional and student films of various genres and formats, which are entirely or in certain segments authored by women. The goal of the festival is to make women’s voices in film art transparent, but also to enable female authors to connect and thus encourage the formation of women’s film collectives within the regional cultural space. The organizers are proud to point out the exhibition character of the festival, which goes hand in hand with its mission of mutual empowerment instead of competition.

This year, audience will be able to watch a selection of films from the Festival of Female Film Authors at the Gradić cinema. The following films will be shown: “Nomad” directed by Milica Denković, “Cases” directed by Milica Rauški, “Alone together” directed by Aglaja Filipović, “Wild” directed by Bojana Babić, “Ballet Girls of Glass” directed by Andjela Tončev and “We Didn’t Start the Fire” directed by Senka Domanović .

International short feature film festival Filmski Front was created in 2003. from the need to affirm a short author’s film and provide support to a new generation of film authors (professionals and amateurs) who, thanks to the then new digital technology, launched their small and independent productions.

Film Front is a platform around which authors from the region gather, exchange experiences, make contacts and improve their opportunities for further development and film production. In competitive selections, the festival accepts short feature films with a maximum length of up to 30 minutes, provided that they were produced during the current or previous year.

The selection of films that will be shown at Gradić Fest consists of short original films: “White Christmas” directed by Josip Lukić (2020, Croatia), “Lines” directed by Ivan Stojković (2021, Serbia), “Great Achievements” directed by Nikola Vučinić (2020, Black Gora), “Pistols and Helmets” directed by Marko Marjanović Marinčić (2020, Serbia), “Mikrokazeta – the smallest cassette I’ve ever seen” directed by Igor Bezinović and Ivana Pipal (2020, Croatia) and “Delivery Fiction” directed by Milana Nikić (2021, Serbia).

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