Gradić wide awake

If people create space through movement; if we exist always in a certain, specific place, the space of which we ourselves conceive and transform in time, then, logically, we raise our viewpoint and we choose where we want to go, and in what kind of ambience we wish to exist.

The Lower Town of the Petrovaradin Fortress or the Suburbium, has been left hidden from us for decades, or better yet, discarded and marginalized, even though it precedes and predates Novi Sad, and is its place of origin. This 18th century Baroque jewel has been left intact for decades, left to wonder through time, which in mysteriously, yet forcefully, like wind over water, leaves its mark, and from a quiet Town on the Danube, creates only a passage to the fortress, or a way south.

But the story could be completely different! The Street Musicians Festival intends to spark a way of thinking and imagining the Suburbium as a key point in the city, where the Balkans meet Central Europe, and inspire the creation of culture – a place that connects the past and future of Novi Sad. We want the Suburbium to become a natural extension of Novi Sad’s city core on the other side of the bank, or contrary, the center of Novi Sad on the other side of the Danube.

We build our city, because we live here! So, let’s build our Suburbium!

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This post is also available in RS.

This post is also available in RS.


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