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The spectacle “Les Poupées géantes” in the festival parade reunites Novi Sad and Petrovaradin

The opening of this year’s Festival of Street Musicians – Gradić Fest will bring the city streets to life again with an artistic procession and take the citizens on a unique adventure and give them an experience to remember. The people of Novi Sad will have the opportunity to meet and experience the spectacle “Les Poupées géantes”, from one of the leading European theaters, the French Transe Express theater.

The parade will begin with a short performance on Thursday, August 25 at 7:30 p.m. at the intersection of Mihajlo Pupin Boulevard and Žarka Zrenjanin Street. The route will continue along the boulevard, across the Varadin Bridge to Beogradska Street in Gradić, where the finale of the spectacle will be performed in front of the Belgrade Gate.

The procession, a grand spectacle, will consist of three dolls, similar to porcelain, 5 meters tall, with equally wide crinolines. A completely different experience of street art accessible to everyone will be brought by female artists – divas, who will perform opera arias, as well as original and popular music, from the top of dolls.

In an explosion of colors, walking through the streets of Novi Sad, among the visitors, the dolls will be accompanied by 12 percussionists and performers who will perform street spectacles. Crystal voices high above the audience will mix with comedy sketches on the ground, and citizens in the procession will participate in the creation of street art.

Also, the procession will symbolically connect Novi Sad and Petrovaradin and convey to the audience the magic of the small baroque town located under the Petrovaradin fortress. In this way, the vision of Gradić as an exciting artistic and tourist district, whose streets are alive with art, will be revived once again.

The opening program will not end after the performance of the Trans express troupe. The audience in Gradić will be welcomed by the now well-known Italian band Bandacadabra as well as other local artists, and at the end of the evening multimedia artist Uroš Đurić will perform, this time in the role of a DJ.

Foreign program at Gradić Fest

In addition to the opening program and the regional program, visitors of Gradić Fest will have the opportunity to enjoy the performances of five other foreign names during the three festival evenings.

The foreign program of this year’s Gradić Fest consists of: experienced Italian street performer Lorenzo Gianmario Galli – GALiRò, energetic band Bandacadabra from Turin, multi-instrumentalist Porcapizza, who plays on instruments he assembles himself from recycled materials, doyen of the rich Italian street music scene Claudio Montuori – Birdman which this time features the blues guitarist Massimo Bizzarri in the group called BizBuz and the passionate musician Ziggy McNeill who arrives from Australia.

You can view the entire festival program on the website

Festival of street musicians – Gradić fest is organized by the Art Association INBOX with the support of the City of Novi Sad and the Provincial Secretariat for Culture.

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