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5 foreign performers who will perform at Gradić Fest!

This year’s 22nd Festival of Street Musicians – Gradić Fest will be held from August 25 to 27. in the suburb of the Petrovaradin fortress. The foreign program graces the festival again after a two-year break. We present five foreign artists that we will have the opportunity to hear and see on the cobblestones of Gradić!

1. GALiRò

Italian artist Lorenzo Gianmario Galli has over ten years of street performance experience. His eccentric one-man band called GALiRò has performed at hundreds of events, both outdoors and indoors, in Europe, Asia and America. He collaborated (and still does) with several international street theater, variety theater and puppetry theater companies.

2. Bandakadabra

The band Bandakadabra, founded in Turin, do energetic performances that have allowed them to travel throughout Europe, attract attention and gain a large number of fans. In just a few years, the band performed at over 400 events, ranging from theater to music events such as street festivals, establishing themselves as a unique phenomenon in their genre.

3. Porcapizza

The Italian multi-instrumentalist Porcapizza (Massimo Tortella) plays several instruments that he makes himself out of recycled materials such as: a tennis racket, an old typewriter, a telephone and others. His performances are a combination of music, art and entertainment. During the last 10 years, this artist’s performance has always been fully designed and constantly upgraded by Massimo himself.

4. Claudio Montuori Birdman i Massimo Bizzarri – BizBuz

Passionate fighter for the rights of street musicians and entertainers, the doyen of the rich Italian street music scene Claudio Montuori – Birdman will play again at the Street Musicians Festival! This time he is performing with blues guitarist Massimo Bizzarri from Rome in a group called BizBuz.

Completely original and unique in terms of sound and visuals, he likes interacting with the audience and doing endless improvisations. He simultaneously plays a whole plethora of different musical instruments, ranging from various percussion instruments, rattles, whistles and trumpets, to one-stringed bass-box (tea chest bass), small accordion (organetto) and African kalimba.

5. Ziggy McNeill

Ziggy McNeill is an energetic and passionate musician who uses the loop pedal to create a unique sound that includes virtuosic guitar solos, percussion sounds and vocals. His contemporary sound is a mix of styles, influenced by Tommy Emmanuel’s guitar sound. He built his name as a solo musician in his native Australia. He has a rich musical experience behind him, which includes several studio releases, a live album and regular European tours in the last few years.

You can read more about these performers in the Program section.


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