Sara Renar (Zagreb/Croatia)

Sara Renar

This artist’s sound architecture brings together experimental indie pop melodies and the elements of electronic music and theatrics. This charming musician from Zagreb has been already awarded and has been very active concert-wise and studio-wise, and she is coming to Gradić with her accompanying band as one of the leading hopes of the newest regional scene and beyond.

This singer-songwriter of the new generation is a part of the current female movement which is slowly but surely taking over Balkan rock music scene, and she has already released three albums and one EP, as well as many accompanying singles and music videos. Having done over 250 concerts at clubs and festivals across Europe, she is one of the most active regional artists on the continental concert map. Besides making her own music, she also collaborates on projects by the theatre troupe Montažstroj and the collective SKROZ, and since some time ago she has been a part of EU pilot-project European Music Incubator, which helps young musicians. She has a Master in Architecture, but, luckily, she has completely devoted her life to music.