RitmOS (Croatia)

RitmOS (Croatia)

RitmOS is a percussion group from Osijek (Croatia) that has been playing continuously since September 2008. The group currently consists of six members, who were brought together by their love for the West African instrument called djembe.

The music program and style of the RitmOS group can best be described as “European Djembe Sound”. The group does not follow any traditional patterns and works systematically to create an authentic RitmOS program which, in addition to djembe, also features dundun drums, darbuka drums, ngoni, and balafon.

Performances are held in open spaces in the summer months, and the absence of the need for additional sound reinforcement makes their organization even easier. The RitmOS percussion group has performed publicly on various occasions: Špancirfest, Biograd Steet Music Festival, Osijek Ferivi Half Marathon, Vukovar Film Festival, Osijek Summer of Culture, Slama Land Art Festival, SlavonicaArt Erdut Fest, Arla Festival, Museum Night, World Music Day, Euro Show Dance Challenge, and Panona Fest.

Also, the group continuously visit kindergartens and schools with interesting educational content and workshops, but also organize drumming workshops as part of other events.

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