Quartet Pneuma

Quartet Pneuma

The Pneuma Quartet was created in 2019 with the aim of promoting contemporary chamber music by both domestic and international authors. It consists of academically educated musicians Dimitrije Beljanski (piano), Nina Henig (cello), Stefan Milović (clarinet), and Katarina Badnjar (violin).

In the short time of its existence, the quartet has performed at numerous attractive but also innovative and unusual venues in the area of Novi Sad and its surroundings. Some of the places where they have performed are: Intercity Bus Station, Homeless Shelter and Home for the Elderly in Futog, the market Limanska Pijaca, and the market Satelitska Pijaca.

As part of the Kaleidoscope of Culture, EPK 2022, they organized a public call for composers, as well as a concert as part of the “Contemporary Serbian Composers – New Scene” project. The concert was held at KS Svilara in Novi Sad, and the concert premiered the works of young composers of Vojvodina: Jovana Filipović, Kristijan Pavlović, Dimitrije Beljanski, as well as an older piece in a new arrangement by Olga Janković. The guest at the concert was Aleksandra Ušumović (soprano).

As part of the “Zrna” (“Seeds”) concert tour, they performed in the villages of Rastina, Velebit, Pivnice and Savino Selo. The project was conceived as a promotion of contemporary classical music in villages where a classical music concert had never been held before, thus symbolically “sowing the seeds of culture” across the country. The project was organized by the Danube Sonata Association.

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