Svemirko (Zagreb/Croatia)


This artist’s nostalgic synth electro rhapsody is ideal for warm summer evenings and walks along some coast or around some romantic place like Gradić. This band is coming straight from space, on a spaceship driven by power yet uninvented, ready to take us away from reality with their hits from the albums Vanilija and Tunguzija.

Synthetic pop in the irresistible 80s style, good quality studio work and concert perfection have promoted Svemirko into one of the currently most appealing music attractions of the regional underground scene. The man behind the entire project is Marko Vuković, who writes the songs, sings, plays different instruments and produces his own work, with the help of his friends who complete the band’s saga. Pleasant YU pop music of the “golden” years of our lives is the inspiration for his modern stories about life and love. Although he doesn’t essentially sound nostalgic, the fans of this era will have the most reasons for joy, alongside other visitors to Gradić Fest.