VOADO (Croatia)

VOADO (Croatia)

The story begins in Portugal at the very end of 2020.

“Snooze” is the first single and music video that marked his entry into the new year and new musical expressions. After that, “All after all” was released, followed by “Let it go”. The songs resonated well with listeners in Portugal and Spain, where his first live performances were held. Sofar Sounds in Madrid stands out as one of the special ones.

In the winter of 2022, three new songs were created, released in June 2023 along with the three mentioned above. After positive reactions to his album Terra Madre, tours and concerts began. The recipe has so far been tested in Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Berlin, Croatia, Serbia.

Recently, the first single “Nije” was released on domestic market, and the plan is to release a complete EP with lyrics in our language in 2023 and continue playing and touring around the region and abroad. In addition to his solo performances, VOADO is also a member of the bands From Another Mother, and Đutko i Plodovi zemlje.

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