Sanja Bunjevac is a multidisciplinary artist from Novi Sad. She composes vocal electronic alternative pop music, but also works in the field of visual art and performance. This integrative audiovisual approach is reflected in the videos that accompany her music in such a way that they do not describe but build on and expand the theme that the music initiates. Her performance can have a form of either a performance or of another visual concept in the domain of stage design, while the photos that she publishes are full of meaning and also represent a part of of her artistic activity.

By profession, she is an audio and video technology engineer, as well as an engineer of stage architecture, technique and design, so in this project she combines the strengths of both fields in order to create an author’s multimedia work that deals with the themes of internal transformation and the exploration of psychological and emotional landscapes that we all feel and share, that we all know about, but rarely talk about.

The project is new, but strong, and designed with great self-confidence in an attempt to try to give more.

Her first public appearance including a performance will take place within this year’s Street Musicians Festival!

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