Teatro Viaggiante – “La Famiglia Mirabella” (Italy)

Teatro Viaggiante – “La Famiglia Mirabella” (Italy)

La Famiglia Mirabella looks like a modern version of the circus of the past, but its true origins lie in the street theater of the twentieth century. Energy, juggling, mime, acrobatics, dance, theater, music are an integral part of this unique event.

In the public squares, empty and lifeless until a moment before, suddenly appears a Dutch bicycle with three wheels, unicycles of various sizes, needles, balls, music and five characters with bright clothes, hats and waistcoats: they are Edoardo Mirabella, Elisabetta Cavanagh and their children , Martin, Matilda and Mael. 

The rhythm of the ska music draws the audience towards the special unit/group, the audience slowly gathers around them, children and adults define the stage with the color of the sidewalk. Breathtaking acrobatics on the pain roller, with a lot of hoots and juggling, and dancing that bursts like a whirlwind of joy, accompanied by many stunts and smiles of children, which often turn into collective laughter. Like a musical score, “andante” but not too much/but not too much, the show ends on unicycles and a high unicycle.

The performance is breathtaking. It is an hour of visual comedy, street theater and participation, where virtuosity and humanity come together in a unique atmosphere. and a dance bursting like a whirlwind of joy, accompanied by many stunts and smiles of children, which often turn into collective laughter.

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