Ana & The Changes (Belgrade/Serbia)

Ana & The Changes

Americana’s openness to different music influences and her international background are Ana’s main means for creation and survival. Relying on her powerful talent and rich experience, which is growing every day, this region’s new dream pop heroine is gaining fame with the help of her band, and attracting ever growing attention with the quality of her work.

Ana Ćurčin was born in Bagdad, grew up in Moscow, and came into her own on the streets of Belgrade, where music helped her to truly connect with her inner being. From the beginning, she has been a part of a new art scene of the capital, but she is building her story in her own way, and while being devoted to making her own music, she is also striving to improve her knowledge in the domain of music production. Her ability to speak English perfectly is opening the door to an international career, and we can soon expect an album to follow her debut album Sketches of Belonging, which she released in 2016. The members of her accompanying band The Changes come from different art milieus, and their subtle music accompaniment works perfectly with Ana’s lyric themes connected to love, fears, and overcoming those fears.