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Novi Sad’s Own As Part Of The Street Musicians Festival

The citizens of Novi Sad complete this year’s Festival edition in the most beautiful and most creative way possible: proletarians, jazzers, little people from Radioland, young ecologists…

One of the most important goals of the Street Musicians Festival – for the citizens of Novi Sad through their own initiatives and creative proposals and projects to involve themselves and become a part of the festival program – has been successful!

On this year’s 15th Street Musicians Festival, from 3rd to 5th September, the Novi Sad artists will present themselves to their fellow citizens and the audience from other parts of Serbia, as well as the international crowd: we will have a chance to see and hear street actors from the Association Kreativni pogon, jazzers Swingeraj and Jazz Seeds, Novi Sad’s little people from Radioland will emerge in front of the audience, the members of the editorial staff from Radio Novi Sad and O Radio, as well as the youngest ecological workshopers and illuminating lantern artists.



Kreativni pogon (Creative Drive) is a Novi Sad Citizens’ Association gathering themselves around current events and then finding a way to present them through their performances. As part of their work they use contemporary circus techniques, physical theatre and modern dance. Their skills are developed through every-day training, and through various workshops and master classes. Their show – titled Contemporary Circus Show: Proletarians – we will have a chance to see on the second and third day of the Festival, in Danube Street, in front of the City Library.

podrska, predstava Proleteri

The show is accompanied by music which has, as they announce, lifted the working classes from the middle of the 20th century. The show will shed light on the history of the working class, on its ascending and its fall, “and what does it all look like today, and we will also talk about the contemporary need of consuming in a system whose offers are immense, but in which pockets are empty.” Proletarians last 40 minutes, and is accompanied by carefully selected music, as well as musical acts which the artists themselves perform.



Novi Sad’s barber shop Čarolija Berberaj (Magic Berberaj), 4 Mita Ružić Street, will be the place of not one, but two festival programs, that is, two concert performances from bands – Swingeraj and Jazz Seeds. Novi Sad’s Swingeraj keeps to the jazz standards in typical 50s and 60s performance fashion, while the Jazz Seeds are a Novi Sad jazz fusion band performing works of John Scofield, Pat Metheny, Marcus Miller and other greats of jazz, funk and fusion.



Radio Novi Sad and O Radio will as part of this year’s Street Musicians Festival have their own stage – on Theatre Square. There they will have their improvised (but well-equipped) radio studio, which will, as they announce, work in full force, and a concert stage hosting an array of lesser-known musicians (NS Buskers, In Absentias, Empathy Soul Project, The Dust), but also bigger names as well (Šinobusi, Lira Vega, Xanax, Branimir i Neprijatelji, Samostalni referenti). The guests of the DJs and radio hosts from Radio Novi Sad and O Radio will also be the most attractive festival performers.



During the Festival, the World Wide Fund for Nature will organize, in Danube Park, a workshop for children – The Water Experimentarium. World Wide Fund For Nature is one of the biggest independent world organizations, actively present in more than one hundred countries and supported by five million people. The mission of the Fund is to stop the destruction of the environment and create conditions for people to live in harmony with nature.

podrska, radionica za decu u Dunavskom parku

The Water Experimentarium is a workshop which transforms every participant into a scientist. Performing water experiments, interested parties will find out how Gerrids walk on water, how water travels to the highest tree tops more than 100 meters into the air, as well as how much water is there in our bodies – explained the Fund members. – The Water Experimentarium is suited for youngsters, but the adults won’t regret the decision to enter the world of science.



Novi Sad’s Center Jules Verne and their festival Jules Verne’s Illuminations will during this year’s Street Musicians Festival, on Saturday, 5th September, present an exhibition of artistic lanterns, of all shapes and sizes, and in that way, as they announced, illuminate the darkest corners of the city. Lanterns, which are the result of two years of Jules Verne’s Illuminations, will light up the passage at the City Library.

podrska, izlozba lampiona

The crowd will have the opportunity, from 20:00, to be introduced to the ideas behind the third festival of Jules Verne’s Illuminations, as the festival of light, music and lanterns. The visitors of the exhibition will have a chance to creatively express themselves through the game of light and natural materials and make their own personal lantern (and then join the great lantern procession scheduled for 26th September).



The biggest stars of this year’s jubilee 15th consecutive edition of the Street Musicians Festival – beginning this Thursday, 3rd September, and lasting until Saturday, 5th September – will be the American masters of swing, the band from California – Phat Cat Swinger! Beside them the Festival will host performances from: Rijeka’s cult shock rockers Let 3, the popular Novi Sad punk-rock band Atheist Rap, the eight-man strong Dixieland attraction Belgrade Dixieland Orchestra, retro pop-rockers from Belgrade VIS Limunada, Novi Sad’s stand-up comedians Daško & Mlađa, Rijeka’s masters of Americana My Buddy Moose, renowned Belgrade accordion player Miško Plavi and the singer-songwriter and poet Ilija Ludvig, the famous Italian brass-percussion marching orchestra BadaBimBumBand, renowned drummer Dragoljub Đuričić, Zagreb’s street musician and performer Davor Peršić, Belgrade’s kids’ actors Zorana Milošaković-Tasić and Goran Balančević Balanac, young Novi Sad dancers led by the choreographer Neda Popović, the Macedonian juggler and showman Spinus, respected French, actor, clown, dancer and mime Jean Ménigault, the attractive Italian street musician and entertaining couple Nando e Maila, English guitarist The Flamenco Thief and 14 other bands, individuals and art troupes (Balkan Weirdos, Don’t Touch Anything, DrvoTruo, Duo Nomadiko, Dušana Stefanović, Haos žongleri, InSession, INTU, Kezz, Kralj Čačka, Lepi Jova, Nylon Club, Vuk Muškinja and Wooden Ambulance) arriving to the Festival program through the open-call. The friend of this year’s open-call was Telekom Serbia. Continue to visit our festival web page and be the first to see our next announcements.

The Street Musicians Festival is organized by the Art Association Inbox from Novi Sad, with support from the City of Novi Sad and the Provincial Secretary for Culture and Information, Tourist Organization of the City of Novi Sad, the embassy of the United States of America in Belgrade, the Italian Institute for Culture in Belgrade, the Serbian Petroleum Industry, Telekom Serbia and Generali Insurance Serbia.


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