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Rich Program by Gradić Fest’s Partner Organizations: Culture as a Means for Revitalization with the Help of Friends

This year too, the program of the Street Musicians Festival – Gradić Fest – will be enriched by the participation of its several partner organizations from Novi Sad, Petrovaradin and Belgrade, gathered around the idea of revitalizing the Lower Town of the Petrovaradin Fortress with the help of cultural and art contents. This time, the usual approach to the preparation and the realization of the festival will include the associations UGRIP and Suburbium, the Student Cultural Center Novi Sad (SKC Novi Sad), students of Architecture from the Faculty of Technical Sciences of Novi Sad, and the theatre troupe Reflektor teatar, from Belgrade.

UGRIP is an association whose work domain is the cultural and spiritual heritage of the Petrovaradin Fortress. Every day since September 2015, when the association was founded, its 60 members, headed by Leon Šurbanović, have descended into the underground of the Petrovaradin Fortress, discovering new details connected to its long history. Their activities do not only comprise walking through the underground passageways, but also gathering artefacts, legends and small human destinies written on the walls of the tunnels. For the visitors to this year’s Gradić Fest they have prepared the premiere of the adrenalin tour “Labyrinth” through the underground passages of the Petrovaradin Fortress, as well as an interactive exhibition of the objects found in the underground of the fortress and divided into several units, which will be held at the Belgrade Gate.

Suburbium is an association from Petrovaradin which has been working successfully on the raising of the awareness of the need to conserve the ruined baroque environment of Gradić, the need that exists because of its historical value but also because of the needs of its residents. This association’s conference and round table “The Use of Heritage” will take place on August 31st, and there will be ten participants, from Novi Sad, Belgrade, Pančevo and Knjaževac. In accordance with the European Year of Cultural Heritage, they will present their experiences and research practices, their reflections on the place that the cultural heritage holds in terms of citizens’ values and life, on the need to use it in accordance with sustainable development, on local practices and education of citizens about the value of heritage, and on museum practices in heritage digitalization.

The Student Cultural Center Novi Sad (SKC Novi Sad) and the creative workshop “Bunker” are offering their part of the program, called Street Illustrators, with which they want to promote drawing, illustration, caricature and comics, and which is meant for all the creative participants who have the courage to share their work with others. At their location at the festival, it will be possible to do drawing, get to know comic book authors and see complete comic book editions, as well as individual comic boards by eminent artists.

Exhibition “Revitalization of the Belgrade Gate” is the project done by the students doing the Master in Interior Design at the Department for Architecture and Urbanism at the Faculty of Technical Sciences of Novi Sad. They have made a study on the expanding of the functions of the Belgrade Gate in Petrovaradin. The series of proposals which are the result of research and design are focused on the cultural content which this valuable cultural monument can support with its position, space management and volume. The solutions shown at the exhibition represent a creative approach of a group of young people, their enthusiasm, as well as their understanding of the needs of the environment for which they design.

Reflektor teatar is an independent youth theatre production from Belgrade which has been successfully implementing engaged, new and different expression into the mainstream theatre scene for years. They put the equal sign between the activist and the artistic, the personal and the political, the esthetical and the educational, and they don’t see theatre as a building but as people and ideas. Because of that, they perform their plays, in which they examine numerous relevant social issues and shed light on the dark sides of community, mainly at different locations and in different surroundings. At Gradić Fest, Reflektor teatar will perform their two hit pieces: “Muškarčine” and “Smrt fašizmu! O Ribarima i Slobodi”.

The Street Musicians Festival – Gradić Fest 2018 – is organized by the Art Association Inbox from Novi Sad, with the sponsorship of the city of Novi Sad and the Provincial Secretariat for Culture and Public Information.


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