Reflektor teatar (Belgrade/Serbia)

Reflektor teatar

Since 2017, the independent youth theatre production Reflektor teatar from Belgrade has been successfully implementing engaged, new and different expression into the mainstream theatre scene in Serbia and beyond. They put the equal sign between the activist and the artistic, the personal and the political, the esthetical and the educational. They perform their plays, in which they examine numerous social issues and the dark sides of community, at different locations.

Reflektor teatar is trying to find innovative production solutions, as well as relevant ways to promote their work. This troupe is interested in intensive development of the audience, which they see as an equal member of the theatre community. They are proud of the fact that they are able to make their plays sustainable and to make new ones without the official and long-term support of institutions, and their goal is to make their skills and knowledge accessible to all young people interested in the work in the domain of art and culture in order to create new responsible youth scene. That is why their logo is “We Glow in the Dark”.

Reflektor teatar will perform their two hit pieces. “Muškarčine” is a provocative theatre documentary about the current perception of manhood in this region. It was conceived, directed and written by Milena Bogavac and Vojislav Arsić, and it is played by Alek Surtov, Đorđe Živadinović Grgur, Jovan Zdravković, Marko Panajotović, Nemanja Puvača, Nikola Pavlović, Uroš Novović and Rastko Vujisić.

“Smrt fašizmu! O Ribarima i Slobodi” is also a theatre documentary – it is a story about a hero of SFRJ revolution Ivo Lola Ribar, which offers a revision of the fight against fascism in the times of rising nationalism across Europe. The director of this play is also Milena Bogavac, and it is played by Đorđe Živadinović Grgur, Nina Nešković, Strahinja Blažić, Sunčica Milanović and Nikola Živanović; the original soundtrack is by Dragoljub Đuričić.