UGRIP (Novi Sad/Serbia)


The premiere of the adrenalin tour “Labyrinth” through the underground passages of the Petrovaradin Fortress and an interactive exhibition at Belgrade Gate space are a part of the program behind which is the association UGRIP, whose work domain is the cultural and spiritual heritage of Gibraltar on Danube, and which is a partner organization in the realization of Gradić Fest for the second year in a row.

Every day since September 2015, when the association was founded, its 60 members, headed by Leon Šurbanović, have descended into the underground of the Petrovaradin beauty, discovering new details connected to the long history of the fortress and Novi Sad. Their activities do not only comprise walking through the underground passageways, but also gathering artefacts, legends and small human destinies written on the walls of the tunnels. A special segment of their activities is the fight against heaps of garbage left in the underground after numerous previous tourist visits, which are still taking place and which are still leaving the same kind of trace behind them.

The adrenalin tour “Labyrinth” has been conceived as a performance/simulation of post-Exit adventure of a group of tourists who accidentally get trapped in the underground passageways of the Fortress. While trying to find an exit, they are haunted by the souls of dead warriors of the past. This performance will take place all three days of the festival, at 8 p.m., and the maximum number of participants is 30, so if you are interested you can apply via e-mail at

At the Belgrade Gate location, the exhibition of objects found in the underground passageways of the Fortress will be accompanied by interactive participation of visitors in thematic units based on the type of finds, ranging from historically valuable objects, newer artefacts and recycled waste to authentic photos made on the spot. This UGRIP event will also last during all three days of Gradić Fest.

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