Uroš Đurić

Uroš Đurić

Uroš Đurić is a visual artist living and working in Belgrade. He studied the History of Art and Painting, and in 1998 he obtained his masters degree at the Painting Department of the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade.

In the 1980s, he was part of the Belgrade punk scene as the drummer of the band Urbana gerila. Since 1989, he has been present on the art scene after starting the “Autonomist (anti)movement” with Stevan Markuš, with whom he wrote the “Manifesto of Autonomism”.

He has participated in many art endeavors, workshops, comic book publishing, and has also engaged in graphic design. For almost 20 years he worked as an independent contributor to the radio B92, and for 5 years he was a searcher in the popular quiz “Potera”.

He gained wider popularity during the 1990s with his roles in several feature films and documentaries, the most memorable of which is the role of the angel in the film “We are not angels” by Srđan Dragojević.

At this year’s Gradić Fest, he will perform as a DJ and throw a big party in Štrosmajerova Street!

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