Trance‘n’Dance (Almelo/Netherlands)


This acoustic vocal-instrumental duo with cajon and didgeridoo strives, first and foremost, to make the audiences in the street dance wildly and spontaneously, so they like to present themselves as a “live dance act”. Actually, their performances are very creative and imaginative improvisations based on the mixture of the most contemporary music genres, such as deep house, psy trance, techno and drum ‘n’ bass, with the elements of funk, soul, etc.

Singer Zoe, who also plays didgeridoo, says that they actually sound like Moby and The Prodigy playing the 80s and 90s songs from their mothers’ secret collections. However, joking aside, didgeridoo, a long Aboriginal wind instrument, is a serious instrument whose vibrations are often used by contemporary producers for the purpose of conveying mystical experience of dance potential. Trance ‘n’ Dance aim for a similar effect, but their approach to music is completely organic, free of computers and any kinds of electronics. “We live and breathe music, which has been beating in the rhythm of our bloodstreams since the dawn of time – says Zoe, inviting us to come to see their performance in Gradić.