String duo ŽPu (Novi Sad/Serbia)

String duo ŽPu

The baroque form of a string duo can nicely suit the current music tendencies. The violin and the cello of Bojana Jovanović and Nina Uzelac are a good proof: they create a sound aura which goes beyond the frames of classical music, and they offer unexpected fun with expected beauty.

Their new arrangements of pop and rock hits, ranging from the songs by the Beatles and Hendricks to Metallica’s and Michael Jackson’s songs, from Chaka Khan’s to Dino Dvornik’s, make the abundant sound of their string instruments similar to the roar of electric guitars. Another, more emotional aspect of their performance is visible in the covers of known Latino hits and dance songs of similar temperament. They are arriving to the Lower Town after numerous successful burlesque performances, including those at KotorArt Festival.