Neke face

Neke face

Neke Face is a ska/punk-rock/reggae crew from Zrenjanin. The band was founded way back in 2006.

With a large number of members, you get a musical cocktail that simply moves your hips whether you want it or not. They made their first audio recording at the KPTM studio, and the first serious demo recording was done in 2011 at the Art Academy in Belgrade.

Since they are an experienced team, they have done numerous performances, both at clubs and fetivals. They have performed at Water Fest (Novi Sad), ZROK, Ljubav&Bes, Tlo Fest. And at clubs such as KC Grad in Belgrade, Crna Kuća 13 in Novi Sad, Finale Belgrade DEMO Fest in the KST garden, etc.

The band’s music is characterized by a mixture of various genres, with an accent on ska-punk-R’n’R sound.

They strive to reach people’s brains with music and lyrics and leave a positive mark.

For them, energy is an important thing, and their frequent stage performances with a dramatic plot are just a way to amplify that energy and release it more easily.

The band members are: Dušan Kalejski – frontman / rhythm guitar, Radovan Mrkajić – saxophone, Nemanja Djatkov – bass, Dušan Bolesnikov – back vocals / harmonica / tambourine, Damir Žiškov – trombone 1, Aleksandar LS Stamenković – trombone 2 / Jew’s harp, Saša Johntra Pertić – percussions & a.k.a. sound technician, Vanja Rakić – solo guitar, Slobodan Vujnov Kvobek – drums, Andrea Poša – keyboards.