JeboTon Ensemble (Zagreb/Croatia)

JeboTon Ensemble

This rather big group of street musicians is coming to Gradić directly from the pavements of the capital of the second place winners at the FIFA World Cup 2018, bringing their rich experience obtained at numerous performances all over the region. They are a many-membered but excellently organized group, representing a true attraction wherever they stop to play, and each time hilarious fun is guaranteed.

JeboTon Ensemble was created in 2011, and since then its principles have been open communication and “exchange of goods” among the musicians, who besides being the members of this big ensemble also form a series of smaller (sub)groups devoted to exclusively authorial work. The rich variety of instruments this megaband uses includes, among others, bass, violin, trombone, melodica, cajón, djembe and bongos, and each of the members also sings. Their repertoire consists mostly of orchestra interpretations of hits by smaller groups, according to the principle – when we are all together, everything is even more beautiful, better and richer.


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