Jasna Jovićević (Subotica/Serbia)

Jasna Jovićević

Saxophone, bass clarinet and flute are her primary instruments, and space drum (see the picture) is her secret passion; she is married to music and sound, and yoga is a part of her everyday life. Besides being an artist renowned in the region, Europe and America, she is also an educator/lecturer, but no matter what she does she always does it with excellence.

Jasna is from Subotica; she graduated from the famous Franz Liszt Music Academy in Budapest and obtained a master’s degree at York University in Toronto. Her subsequent studies took her to the USA, Brazil, Austria, Spain and Italy. She has performed with eminent musicians from across the world, as well as with the regional stars (Vasil Hadžimanov, Bisera Veletanlić, Rambo Amadeus, etc.) and has won prizes at numerous festivals of jazz and ethno music, which are two genres that represent a wider domain of her music research and creative work. This unusual and interesting musician’s rich discography includes, among other things, her solo album Zvuk ptica, and album Live, a cooperation with the female, regional Big band, formed at her initiative. She works as a professor at the Vocational School in Subotica, where she also runs her yoga center Iskra joga. Her performance at Gradić Fest is an ideal opportunity for ambient enjoyment and audio experience completely different from the usual everyday sounds that surround us.