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VIS Limunada and My Buddy Moose on the Street Musicians Festival

The band from Belgrade is preparing a romantic dance, while the guys from Rijeka real garage rock spectacle

All of those who love retro pop-rock, Americana sound and garage rock’n’roll – under no circumstance mustn’t miss this year’s 15th jubilee edition of the Street Musicians Festival, more precisely: the festival performances of Belgrade’s VIS Limunada (Vocal And Instrumental Ensemble Lemonade) and the rock band from Rijeka My Buddy Moose in the center of Novi Sad, on stage at the Catholic Courtyard.

VIS Limunada 222

Love towards 50s and 60s tunes, the twist and Latin swirls, retro dresses and oldie suits and fabulous hairstyles – that’s what you need for VIS Limunada! Not only do their concerts resemble the rock dance halls which we saw in some old, romantic films, but they revitalize and resonate the spirit of the carefree youths of the Nifty Fifties and Groovy Sixties.

The guys and girls from VIS Limunada sing in several languages and are calling their musical preference The Old Wave. Their current hit single is named Rame uz rame (Shoulder To Shoulder), accompanied by a beautiful video bursting with atmosphere from the old dance-offs and musical TV shows. With this EP VIS Limunada announced their first studio album, which is due to be released this autumn.

My Buddy Moose 1

Four men strong and from Rijeka, the band My Buddy Moose – active more than ten years and with three highly rated studio albums – will present to the festival audience just how successful a fusion of garage rock, punk, soul and country can be. Of course, most grateful will certainly be the fans of the Americana sound.

“In Rijeka live some guys who make sensationally beautiful music”, wrote the popular Croatian journalist and writer Ante Tomić, referring to the members of My Buddy Moose, the band gladly listened to and always warmly welcomed in Novi Sad. You might say that the young Croatian rockers – who had performances in front of audiences in Liverpool and London – found their strongest fan base right here in the capital city of Vojvodina!

The 15th jubilee edition of the Street Musicians Festival will be held from 3rd to 5th September 2015, in Novi Sad. The Festival will host performances from the Californian masters of swing Phat Cat Swinger and the local jazzmen Belgrade Dixieland Orchestra and Novi Sad’s own stand-up comedy duo Daško & Mlađa. Also, there will be performances from other bands, individuals and art troupes – Balkan Weirdos, Don’t Touch Anything, DrvoTruo, Duo Nomadiko, Dušana Stefanović, HAOS žongleri, InSession, INTU, Kezz, Kralj Čačka, Lepi Jova, Nylon Club, Vuk Muškinja and Wooden Ambulance – which was made possible by the friend of this year’s Open Call Telekom Serbia. So, continue to visit our festival web page and be the first to find out what we have in store for you, because August is jam-packed with new announcements and other truly spectacular festival performers.

The Street Musicians Festival is organized by the Art Association Inbox from Novi Sad, with support from the City of Novi Sad and the Provincial Secretary for Culture and Information, Tourist Organization of the City of Novi Sad, the embassy of the United States of America in Belgrade, the Italian Institute for Culture in Belgrade, the Petroleum Serbian Industry and Telekom Serbia.


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