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Symposium About Public Space at the Street Musicians Festival

Regional symposium titled “City Public Spaces – Cultural Application” will be held as part of this year’s Street Musicians Festival in Novi Sad on 3rd September from 10 am to 5 pm at “Brod teatar” (Ship Theatre) anchored at the Quay. The symposium is organized by the Association “Suburbium” from Petrovaradin, and is set to gather the most eminent experts in the domain of public space from around the region.

The participants of the symposium are all part of scientific and other institutions, arriving from Zagreb, Rijeka, Ljubljana, Kotor, Sarajevo, Belgrade, and Novi Sad. Through their presentations, they will join the event, and thus, continue contributing to the efforts of the Street Musicians Festival, as a unique urban spectacle, in exchanging experience in the region, redefining urban identity through organized activities, like placing performance arts into the context of nonexistent or ruined urban space of immense architectural heritage. The idea behind the gathering is to truly define urban public space, and to answer the question whether the “invisible” architectural legacy can become visible yet again.

Association “Suburbium” was founded at the beginning of the 21st century in the Suburbium of Petrovaradin Fortress. Its activities are focused at bringing together various disciplines, such as architecture, art history, sociology, history, economy, literature, journalism, or photography, in an effort to restore and promote heritage as a source of development benefiting citizens.

Participants and topics:

Prof. Darko Reba, PhD – Faculty of Technical Sciences, Department of Architecture, Novi Sad: Open Space Programs – Urban Culture Events

Mr. Ivana Golob Mihić – Center for Industrial Heritage, University of Rijeka, and Mrs. Ema Aničić – Rijeka City Museum: The Possibility of Repurposing Industrial Heritage – examples from Rijeke

Mr. Nikola Pisarov – Center for Contemporary Art in Skopje and Skopje 2014: How to Destroy Public Spaces in Three Steps

Mr. Zlatko Uzelac – Institute for Art History, Zagreb: The Invisible Parts of the City, or How to Make Them Visible; A new example from Osijek – the lunette infront of the Water Gates of Osijek Fortress

Prof. Dragana Vasiljević Tomić, PhD – Faculty of Architecture, Belgrade: The Color Phenomenon in Defining Public City Space

Tatjana Rajić – Expedito, Kotor: Public Space – Citizens’ Spaces

Mia David, d.i.a. – Faculty of Technical Sciences, Department of Architecture, Novi Sad: STAGE LABoratory – BITEF Case Study

Miljena Vučković, Katarina Dajč – Scenatoria, Petrovaradin: Invisible Heritage and How to Make It Visible – Performance Art as an Instrument

Jost Derlink – prostoRož, Ljubljana: Urban Interventions/Library of Words: Ljubljana – Library of Things

Nikoleta Kosovac – “Lice ulice” (Eng. The Face of the Street), Belgrade: Street Sellers – An Economy Tailored to Man

Moderators: Mirjana Sladić, PhD and Aleksandra Rajić


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