Regulation Project

Entertainment in open urban is as old as the cities themselves, it is a part of the urban identity of most prestigious European cities making them recognizable on the map and in the eyes of the world. During the last several years the streets of Novi Sad have recorded a significant rise in street musicians, performers and entertainers, especially in the spring and summer months. These street performers chose their own location where they perform their programs, usually in the pedestrian zone of the City, which sometimes causes different problems. Therefore, the need has imposed itself on Novi Sad to regulate street performing, cultural, artistic and entertainment programs in Novi Sad’s public spaces.

The first panel discussion about regulating street performing of art and entertainment programs was held on 11th June 2015 as part of the initiative started by the Art Association “Inbox’ and City of Novi Sad’s Council for Culture. On this panel, beside the citizens, street performers and the media, Vanja Vučenović, member of the City of Novi Sad’s Council for Culture, also took participation, as well as representatives from the City of Belgrade, who have already resolved and regulated this issue.

The goal of the project would be to offer a solution for regulating street performing of cultural, art and entertainment programs in the City of Novi Sad’s public spaces , beginning with a discussion because it is necessary to involve all whom it concerns in the process of regulating this issue. That is why we invite you to write us on this website, on, on our facebook page or twitter profile.

During the forthcoming Street Musicians Festival, which will be held in Novi Sad for the 15th consecutive time from 3rd to 5th September, the Festival will also host the second panel discussion attended by street musicians, citizens, media and City government officials.

The project of regulating this issue should be implemented by the City of Novi Sad’s Council for Culture and Administration for Municipal Operations, with support by the Art Association “Inbox” (Street Musicians Festival organizer) which will as goal of dealing with this question provide its experience, logistics and channels of communication.


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