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Scenatoria at the Street Musicians Festival: Initiate Change, Be the Change!

The Citizens’ Association Scenatoria from Petrovaradin is taking part in the program of this year’s Street Musicians Festival from 1st to 3rd September, with their project “Initiate Change, Be the Change!”. The effort of the Festival to help the revitalization of the Suburbium of Petrovaradin Fortress, by its relocation there, coincides with Scenatoria’s idea about architectural heritage as a scene, which is the key reason behind the collaboration of these two cultural organizations.

In dealing with stage creation, fine arts, applied and visual arts and architecture, Scenatoria creates cultural and artistic content with which it then indicates the value in architectural heritage, trying to revive them and make them appealing once again, through the programs it presents. The essence behind Scenatoria’s appearance at the Street Musicians Festival is the project “Initiate Change, Be the Change”. It will serve as an instrument for promoting the urban and architectural heritage of Gradić, while the program of this organization will be held at the Army playground, to the right of Belgrade Gate.

“The point in which the interests of the Festival, and us as a partner, converge is, in fact, viewing the monument to architectural heritage as a possible new space for cultural and exhibition events, to serve as an instrument of revitalization of this space. With quality content together with an element of surprise, to reveal an entire space which so near, yet so unknown and left “undiscovered”, we want to familiarize the Suburbium of Petrovaradin Fortress to all our citizens. Through its activities (public walks, performances, publications), Scenatoria is already working successfully on this question, while the great attendance and response of the citizens, as well as professionals, encourages us and strengthens our resolve to organize and implement other quality content at the Suburbium”, stated Scenatoria, regarding their participation at the Street Musicians Festival.

For two days, Scenatoria will take part at the Festival on 2nd and 3rd September, will begin with a public walk, as a way to explore the spaces of the Suburbium. Visitors will receive maps with the program and interesting stories which they can follow, but also use after the walk itself, as an educational souvenir from the Festival. The spatial installations “Book of Impressions”, “Kuver” and “Manifesto” will be placed along Belgrade Street, enabling visitors to express their experience at the Festival, but also to learn about specific issues which this ambience faces. The part of the program which includes the local community is also the audio-visual performance by Sodip from the windows in Belgrade Street on Saturday evening.

The performance part of the program will be concentrated at the Army playground, and, due to its properties, will, thus, serve as a stage. The plays by the Promena (Change) Academy Theatre “Lysistrata”, “Ručni rad” (Hand Made), and “Talente Grande y tu Madre” (The Great Talent and Your Mother) will be performed during the evening hours of the Festival, and will be preceded by the “Burning Stone” performance by the Center for the Development of Circus Arts – Ludifico, the circus play “Život na visokoj nozi” (Life on the High Horse) and the performance by the art couple Vulkåi “Dualism”.


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