Voda nad vodama (Novi Sad/Serbia)

Voda nad vodama

Although the members of this underground project follow a principle of punk ideology – what matters is the attitude and not the experience – they cannot be labelled as punk rockers. Their concerts are very intense indeed, but there are also dominant minor scale passages, simplified rhythms and vocal harmonies, and they emit an enormous quantity of energy in the spirit of the slogan “rock and roll is not dead”.

The band was formed in 2006 as a standard rock and roll lineup, but it has evolved into a more unusual lineup with two bass guitars, creating work influenced by New Order, Thin White Rope and Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. The proof that it all works are wild reactions of the audiences at their numerous concerts at clubs in Novi Sad and Belgrade, and at Gitarijada Fest in Zaječar. Their debut album Pre Amerike was released in 2012 by the Croatian online record label Brlog Records. They are currently preparing something completely fresh and new, guided by the ideas embodied in the following statement: “Voda nad vodama is trying to express what crosses a man’s mind when he realizes that it is too late and that the sky will soon fall on his head.” The Apocalypse? Why not.

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