The Soundbeam Orchestra Dobri ljudi (Novi Sad/Serbia)

The Soundbeam Orchestra Dobri ljudi

The Soundbeam Dobri ljudi Orchestra, named after a music device based on sensor technology, is striving to improve the sensibility of the community towards people with special needs, as a part of the Soundbeam music workshop. Since 2013, the orchestra members – young people with physical disabilities or developmental difficulties – have been actively participating, each according to their ability, in the creation and performances of different sorts of music material, mostly their own blues and jazz improvisations or ambient instrumentals.

The devoted work of Žarko Sebić and Renata Kolar has resulted in accomplishments in both artistic and social domain, one of which being the soundtrack for the film “If I could choose…”, a documentary about a girl with cerebral paralysis, which has been shown at festivals in Serbia, Ukraine and Canada. In the meantime, the orchestra performed at Novi Sad Jazz Festival in collaboration with Boris Hložan trio, and the crowning accomplishment is that the projects of the Soundbeam workshop have been included in the Novi Sad’s application for the European Capital of Culture 2021, and have been praised as very promising. For their performance at Gradić Fest, the Soundbeam Dobri ljudi Orchestra is preparing collaborations with several eminent musicians from Novi Sad.