The band Sputńik is an old-new band.

It was originally founded in 1999 in Sremska Mitrovica, but the band disbanded at the beginning of 2002 after recording only a couple of demos. Then in 2013 it experienced a new incarnation in Novi Sad. After several line-up changes the recording of the first single “The Drinkable World” started in February 2012.

This was followed by a whole series of notable singles that attracted the attention of MTV (broadcast 6 times on MTV Adria). After a long period of searching for a concert line-up, in March 2017 the band started doing concerts and very soon also performing at festivals –  invitations to the Main Stage Exit 2017 and the Fusion Stage Exit 2018 followed, as well as to the Festival 9 in Belgrade in 2017 and the Revolution Festival in Timisoara in 2018. They were the main band of the Serbian Fashion Week in October 2017.

The band (mostly) sings in English, and their first EP In Between Worlds with five songs was released in January 2016. On February 2nd 2018, their 13-track debut album A Memory of Fire was released on Take It Or Leave It Records. The daily newspaper Dnevnik from Novi Sad declared it the second best regional album of that year.

The band has an unusual lineup: although it has five members – consisting of Žikica Milošević (lead vocals), Valerija Nesterova (backing vocals), Vladimir Čudinov (guitar) and Kiril Bojko (guitar) – the band does not have drums. They play a crossover of electro-pop and indie rock that they call “electro rock”. By the end of this year, they are planning to release their second album, which is being completed.