Rodrigo Guzmán Cázares (Mexico City/Mexico)

Rodrigo Guzmán Cázares

This digital and visual artist, born in one of the biggest cities of the world, finds his inspiration in the midst of hectic traffic and throngs of people, in the lifestyle of people living in megalopolises. He is inspired by architecture, street art and digital aesthetics, and focused on the revision of modern life and perception, and he is coming to Gradić Fest with his project “Pictures on Walls-Nowhere”

The birth house of Ban Jelačić, in 10 Beogradska Street in the Lower Town, was restored in 2010, but even after the restoration, a bigger part of its ground floor hasn’t come to life or reached its full potential. During the last five years, the enthusiastic members of the Association Scenatoria, inspired by the architecture of this space, have collaborated with other artists and organizations and have organized various programs and happenings in order to draw attention to the value and significance of this building. The most beautiful baroque building of Gradić, at the foot of the Petrovaradin Fortress, will be a screen onto which Rodrigo Guzmán Cázares will project his works. The layers of history will thus become a space for the ambient play of light of visual animations, and the video projections will enliven the interior of the house by drawing attention to details which paint a bigger picture.