Oceanchild (Belgrade/Serbia)


The 50th anniversary of the release of the legendary White Album by The Beatles will be marked all over the world, and also at Gradić Fest – the band doing the homage at Gradić Fest is an ad hoc band united around this idea. The White Album, like its authors, has always inspired numerous rock ‘n’ roll trends and has always held a special place in the record collections of the fans of the Liverpool quartet. Oceanchild, a group of musicians from Belgrade, is giving it well-deserved homage by playing it live in its entirety, which is something that even Lenon and his bandmates never did.

The double album by the most famous rock band in history contains a little bit of everything – original blues, rock ‘n’ roll, jazz elements, as well as the influences of Little Richard, Bach and Stockhausen – which is all fascinatingly well combined into a diverse heap of unbelievable all-time pop hits. The minimalist white cover and the 30 tracks represent The Beatles’ studio masterpiece, which has entertained, lifted, taught and inspired people for 50 years. The group of musicians from Belgrade, whose members’ age ranges from adolescence to the sixth decade of life, couldn’t resist it either and they have gathered this summer in order to celebrate one of the brightest pages of pop culture by giving concerts all over the region. The band’s name, Oceanchild, is also hidden in the grooves of The White Album, in the track “Julia”, and the nine-member band enjoys every note during their performance as if during it they were at the famous Abbey Road Studios with “the mage” George Martin sitting at the mixing board.