Nova (Novi Sad/Serbia)


New interpretations of classic hard rock are well received by all generations of fans of hard sound all over the world. Our local representative of the genre is a band which has been developing its style for years, following in the footsteps of the great names of this genre, such as Nickelback, Linkin Park and Audioslave.

This four-member band with two guitars has also been working diligently in the studio, and has released the singles “Jedini”, “Sa one strane”, “Ledeno” and “Senke”. But in spite of their numerous successful performances at festivals for “demo bands” they are still waiting for an opportunity to make their debut album. That is why they let off steam at their live performances, and so far they have had numerous solo performances at clubs and festivals, and they have successfully supported the greats Zabranjeno pušenje and Block Out. The peak of their career so far has been their Vojvodina Tour 2014 with the bands Grate and Plug’n’play.