Moussaka (Belgrade/Serbia)


This band’s broken but powerful rhythms and melodies full of nostalgia and the heaviest emotions reflect the unbelievable union of Californian surf rock and Balkan traditional music. These creative musicians came up with the ingenious idea to merge them into a unique genre thus combining their roots and the call of faraway places and proving that it is also possible to ride the perfect wave on the Danube, the Sava and the Morava.

Like the dish with the same name, the band Moussaka represents a mixture of classical ingredients and unclassical spices, ranging from the 50s guitar sounds to Yugoslavian turbo-folk esthetic of the 80s. The band’s three EP albums are the proof that Dick Dale and Dragana Mirković can go hand in hand and that it can be not just a tolerable combination but a great one too. This band was originally a side project founded just for fun, but it has grown into a full-blooded rock machine which is slowly heating up and starting to grind, carried by its own tidal wave.