Mark Di Giuseppe (USA/Italy)

Mark Di Giuseppe

Trashman Blues or The Legendary Straniero are some of the nicknames of this big attraction seen at numerous buskers festivals around the world, from Europe and the Near East to faraway cities of Asia. One-man band – or one-man orchestra – is the shortest description of this walking installation of dozens of instruments, which are simultaneously brought to life by the heart and the skilled hands of this maestro.

Mark was born in Chicago, but he is currently based in Italy. Since 1986, he has been successfully building his own expression within the given form usual for basking at any place in the world. Mark’s repertoire is full of classics of blues, R&B, soul, 70’s classic rock, 50’s rock & roll, jazz and country. Unique arrangements to songs by Ray Charles, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, John Lee Hooker, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, ZZ Top and the Rolling Stones, among many others, make for a show that is universally appealing, full of influences of various cultures in which he has lived, and he sings not only in English and Italian but also in Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Japanese and Romani. His original instruments, which are all his own inventions built from recycled materials, give a special tone to his performances. His main “weapon” is the double-neck license plate guitar, but he also uses one normal electric guitar and one special for blues and slide tunings, mandolin, ukulele, numerous wind instruments, cymbal, cowbell, and improvised drums that he carries on his back. His power of adaptation is enormous so we can expect him to completely blend into the baroque ambience of the Lower Town of the Petrovaradin Fortress, at least during the three days of Gradić Fest.