Lepša Brena

Lepša Brena

Lepša Brena is an architectural-pop band from Novi Sad. They did their first public performance at the Street Musicians Festival in 2019 and have been active in concerts and studios since then. In 2020, they released their first mini-album, Bacači pogleda, followed by a series of singles as part of the cycle “Dom Panike”, and in October of the same year they released their debut album, Prazni gradovi plešu.

They have performed in various cities in Serbia, Croatia and Romania. After releasing several singles in 2021, they are currently working on their second album.

Their music is characterized by dance rhythms, darker atmospheres inspired by post-punk and new wave music, and a rich use of synths.

What makes Lepša Brena stand out – apart from great concerts – are their lyrics that deal with architectural themes, or are inspired by architecture, urban spaces and the relationship between the man and his environment. Attila, Višnja and Andrej are also preparing some surprises for this year’s Street Musicians Festival.



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