Ice Cream Man (Belgrade/Serbia)

Ice Cream Man

This one-man show is a mix of raw blues, country and folk elements, abundance of various instruments, ranging from acoustic guitar, banjo, harmonica, to almost complete drum set. One-man band is the stylistic definition, workplace and life choice of this artist, who lives and works in Serbia, but dreams and sings about the Mississippi Delta and the melodies prevailing in the American South.

Delta blues in modern arrangements is what Milomir Luković brings to any given stage, be it a festival stage or a small corner of a city street. Multitalented and hardworking, “Ice” has released two albums of his own songs, with a few standards. The promotion of the second album, On the Shoot, is ongoing, and after the Nišville Festival he is coming to the Lower Town of the Petrovaradin Fortress.

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