The regionally popular band Fantom will perform at this year’s Gradić Fest!

Fantom is an established name on the regional music scene, with Petar Wagner as the author and producer. Having spent years perfecting his skills by creating music, writing lyrics and arrangements for others, at the beginning of 2019 Wagner decided to work on his own songs. Soon after that, he created the songs which he completed in his Belgrade studio together with Luna Škopelja.

Fantom is said to be the narrator of nighttime stories that take place on dark and deserted streets, in rooms with dimmed lights, in hidden clubs of Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana or any other city to which the road lead him that night. Under the cover of the night, Fantom’s songs become a kind of machine for traveling through space and time, whose final destination is as unpredictable as he is himself.

At the end of 2021, Fantom released a collection of singles and three previously unreleased songs under the joint title Night Stories, as a kind of conclusion to his first creative period, while simultaneously working on new singles and songs for the upcoming and first “real” studio album.


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