Ensh (Toronto/Canada)


The producer Milenko Vujošević’s international art pop project fuses modern music trends of two big cities – Belgrade and Toronto – in a very stylistically refined way. Redefining the postulates of electro pop, he successfully creates his authentic and unique vision of the genre, with a strong bass base, striking synthesizer sound and dominant voice.

Ensh has been taking the audiences of North America and Europe on a strangely unsettling journey for years, touring constantly with the guitarist and pianist Kosta Jovanović. His debut album, Belgrade, released in 2013, is a collection of neurotic tracks of changeable dynamics, which speak about returning to his birth city, Belgrade, from faraway Canada. The second album, Both of Them Milenko, released in 2015, brings a musical expression of different quality, with a stronger focus on the rhythm and essence, and features songs in both English and Serbian. He has announced his next album with the singles “Krokodili dolaze” (an homage to the band Električni orgazam) and “Krtice”, which, having the elements of rock and roll, are introducing a new quality into his recognizable style. Ensh is an attraction which must be experienced both visually and through listening, but also through energy packed experimental live performances.