Ensemble Arodisi

Ensemble Arodisi

The ensemble Arodisi was founded in July 2020 in Sremska Mitrovica. The founder’s ie. conductor’s goal is to nurture and perform popular and film music, as well as music from different parts of the world. The goal is for the members to relax from everyday tensions through music, singing and joint creation, to reduce the generational gap, to create opportunities for performances and travel.

The ensemble currently consists of 20 female members. The repertoire is diverse. It consists of domestic and foreign popular and film music, music from the Balkans, jazz standards, music from children’s films, as well as music from Africa, China, Sweden, etc.

Their notable performances include:

Concerts: “Pesmom za život” (“Song for Life”), “Pesmom na put oko sveta” (“Trip Around the World With Songs”), “Muzikom za Muzej” (“Music for the Museum”), “New Year’s Concert”, “Muzikom iznad duge” (“Over the Rainbow With Music”), Days of Russian Culture in Sremska Mitrovica and Novi Sad in 2021, musical “Eh, ta ljubav…” (“Ah, that love…”) – three performances at the Theater Dobrica Milutinović in Sremska Mitrovica: January 11th, February 21st and March 14th, 2023.

They have participated in the following competitions: “Majske muzičke svečanosti” (“May Music Festival”) in Bijeljina, Bosnia and Herzegovina (2021, 2022 and 2023); Valjevo Choir Festival “5.HorFest” (2022); VII International Choir Festival (2022); 58th Vojvodina Music Societies Festival – festival of choirs and orchestras (2022); online international festival “Melodianum” in Kikinda (2022). They have won gold and silver awards.


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