Đutko i Plodovi zemlje

Đutko i Plodovi zemlje

Tomislav Đudarić – Đutko is known to the alternative music scene as the founder of the ethno-rock band Rusti, the anti-artist called Clouie, and the former guitarist of the band Svemirko.

Last year, Đudarić started working on completely atypical songs for his first real album. He replaced distortions with clean and soft sounds, he picked up synthesizers for the first time. and going through a crisis, both of personal and musical identity, he came up with bright and catchy melodies in the vein of pop music, while also creating agro, ethno and turbo pop music in the process.

Recorded, mixed and produced in the Zagreb studio of the label “Više manje zauvijek“, the album Slušaj mala is also the first work from that workshop which was launched to the vastness of the Internet. Along with the members of Đutko’s backing band called “Plodovi Zemlje”, the album also features guests Leo Beslać (Pseća Plaža, Nemanja, Krv u stolici), Luka Šipetić (Nemanja), Mary May, Mia Reba, as well as Đutko’s former band colleagues Marin Tandara (Svemirko) and Bojan Bojkov (Svemirko).

In terms of music, Đudarić is everything he hasn’t been so far – in a good mood, relaxed, funny and, above all, authentic. The songs from his debut album Slušaj mala contain a certain dose of self-irony, a weapon with which he often successfully subdues his own demons, and this is exactly what promises him a bright musical future.


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