Claudio Montuori Birdman and Massimo Bizzarri – BizBuzz

Claudio Montuori Birdman and Massimo Bizzarri – BizBuzz

Claudio Montuori – Birdman, the doyen of the rich Italian street music scene, will play again at the Street Musicians Festival!

This time he is performing with blues guitarist Massimo Bizzarri from Rome in a group called BizBuz.

Straight from the streets of Rome, Birdman is bringing us an original mix of Apennine musical tradition and irresistible African rhythms. Completely original and unique in terms of sound and visuals, he likes best interacting with the audience and doing endless improvisations.

Masked in one of the recognizable bird characters or completely natural, with long and lush gray hair, Birdman leaves a deep impression on everyone who sees and hears him. Although he performs alone, he simultaneously plays a whole plethora of different musical instruments, ranging from various percussion instruments, rattles, whistles and trumpets, to one-stringed bass-box (tea chest bass), small accordion (organetto) and African kalimba.

Besides delighting and intriguing millions of tourists visiting Rome and the Vatican for years on the banks of the river Tiber, he is a passionate fighter for the rights of street musicians and entertainers, as well as for the institutionalization of street art.