Bobi and Robi

Bobi and Robi

The audio-visual multi-instrumental cabaret punk performance Bobi and Robi was created in November 2021 as a consequence of the fight against stress and depression caused by the Coronavirus on the one hand and the idea to use masks and costumes from the Halloween masquerade on the other.

The band mainly plays covers of domestic and foreign punk and rock bands, as well as punk covers of classical music pieces, from Bach to Beethoven. During their performances, they use a wide variety of musical instruments, from acoustic guitars as the main instruments, ukulele bass and guitar and electric double bass, to wind instruments such as kazoo, melodica, etc.

Of course, along with the musical part of the program, costumes are a must, which are usually thematically related to the current location or specific event.

The band has played in a couple of clubs in Novi Sad, and at Fruškogorski Neuranak near the Freedom Monument, organized by the radio duo “Daško and Mlađa”.

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