Bitipatibi (Belgrade/Serbia)


With the seductive voice of Una Gašić, intensely warm ambience they create, and a heap of songs about love, the new leading name wannabe of the regional alternative scene truly threatens to become that. Mesmerizing eroticized atmosphere with a dose of suspense and hidden danger is an excellent starting point for this dream-pop band with the strong fan base in the majority of regional centers, including Novi Sad.

Shoe-gazing or space rock are terms that describe a specific genre of slow, heavy, almost ambient rock music which charms us with its simplicity, depth and strength of the textual message, something reminiscent of Stereolab or Mazzy Star. Bitipatibi are true masters of this genre, with extremely honest approach to writing, under the leadership of the frontwoman, who takes the position of a person who sees the world through love and creates relationships about which she sings from the depths of her soul – no matter the cost. The quality they emit, be it in studio or at live gigs, easily finds its way to numerous enthusiasts for this kind of music. Besides releasing two studio albums Lešnici divlji and Lešnici divlji 2, they have, among other things, also given their contribution to a compilation of regional alter scene music Bistro na putu do šume, vol 2.