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Great Entertainment for the Finale at Our Gradić

The final evening of the Street Musicians Festival at the Suburbium of Petrovaradin Fortress, among other things, will be marked with performances by musical stars from the regional underground scene, duo Ti from Belgrade, Miki Solus from Zagreb and Mouse N’Monkeyz from Bucharest. The social activism at the Festival and the continuing efforts to revitalize this romantic city quarter, will be manifested through a great regional symposium “Interventions in Public Space” organized by the Association Suburbium from Petrovaradin, beginning at 10h (10 AM) at the Brod Theatre on Novi Sad’s bank of the Danube.

The creative workshop “Telo kao instrument” (Eng. Body as an Instrument) will begin at 12h (12 PM) on Ramp Road, finishing at 21h (9 PM) with a great concert by the participants. Meanwhile, the same festival point will welcome local bands Hot Club of Novi Sad and Yupidu, as well as the singer-songwriter Milan Korać from the popular blues band Šinobusi. The great hope of Novi Sad’s rock scene, Plastic Trees will perform at Belgrade Gate at 21h (9 PM), while the program at that stage will culminate with a great jam session half an hour after midnight.

The extraordinary act by juggler Arlekin from Skopje and the Slovenian from Berlin Andrej Tomše will delight the visitors of Belgrade Street, together with a live musical machine Human Jukebox, the wacky masters from Kreativni pogon (Eng. Creative Drive) and DJ Sodip who will, as a resident of Gradić, perform directly beneath the window of his room. The program at Lisinski Street will be opened at 19:30 (7:30 PM) by singer-songwriter Kim Tamara from Šid, with other performances set to include the percussionists on canisters and cans, the Bucket Guys from Poland, one-man-band superstar Cigo Man from Pula and the authentic band right from the streets of Novi Sad – Holandria. During the closing evening at the Festival, the stage at Štrosmajer Street will completely belong to poets and troubadours: Goran Miljković and Dunavski Buzukije arrive from Belgrade, Losing to You from Novi Sad, while Brendan O’Reilly arrives from distant Sydney.

The repertoire of the cinema at “Josif” Powder Mill will feature, from 21h (9 PM), film creations “Kod kuće”, “Moj zanat” and “Druga linija”, while the Army playground will spark some heat with the “Burning Stone” performance by the Artistic Organization Ludifico from Novi Sad. The rest of the evening at this stage will belong to the Promena Theatre with plays “Lizistrata” and “Talente Grande y tu Madre”, together with a musical concert by the members of the ensemble at the end of the program. Fans of spatial installation should not miss the act at Ramp Road reserved for the English conceptual artist Spencer Byles, who will create an unusual and unique sculpture from natural materials found in the forest.

The visitors who wish to introduce themselves to the wonders of the Suburbium can expect an organized walking tour with a stop at the key points in the history and architecture books of the Suburbium, with a professional commentary by members from the Association Scenatoria from Petrovaradin. Permanent exhibitions include also the installations “Kuver“, “Manifest“, “Book of Impressions” and “Jules Verne’s Illuminations“, which connect the common idea of the entire 16th Street Musicians Festival about the revitalization of the Suburbium, which could in the near future, initiated by this event under the slogan “Gradić Wide Awake”, make this part of town once again an attractive quarter for living, work, and tourism.

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