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Foreign performers at this year’s Gradić Fest!

This year’s Festival of Street Musicians – Gradić Fest will be held from August 24 to 26. in the streets below Petrovaradin fortress. The foreign program traditionally adorns our festival this year, and we present to you five foreign performances that we will have the opportunity to hear and see on the cobblestones of Gradić!

1.L’uomo Orchestra partenopeo – Michele Roscica

Michele Roscica is a musician and blues singer born in Naples in 1960. 

Since 1994, he has been dedicated to the street art of storytelling, creating his own puppet show wandering the streets of Italy and Europe, bringing the audience ‘guaratelle’ (The Adventure of Pulcinella). 

He never leaves his music, and his greatest passion is wandering the streets with his instrument box, which he plays at the same time. He worked with artists such as Zeffirelli, Beppe Barra, Nino D’Angelo, Angela Pagano. 

He performed at many domestic and international festivals.

2. Flairdrum

This duo comes from Hamburg and presents their music using a flute and the Flairdrum, an innovative instrument made from ordinary plastic bottles. 

The bottles are inflated with air, and the intonation of each of them depends on the pressure in them. The surprisingly clean, almost metallic sound easily captures the audience’s attention.

3. Teatro Viaggiante – „La Famiglia Mirabella“

La Famiglia Mirabella looks like a modern version of the circus of the past, but its true origins lie in the street theater of the twentieth century. Energy, juggling, mime, acrobatics, dance, theater, music are an integral part of this unique event. 

In the public squares, empty and lifeless until a moment before, suddenly appears a Dutch bicycle with three wheels, unicycles of various sizes, needles, balls, music and five characters with bright clothes, hats and waistcoats: they are Edoardo Mirabella, Elisabetta Kavanagh and their children, Martin, Matilda and Mael.

4. Rusty Brass band

The Rusty Brass Band presents polkas, mazurkets and other social dance music with the elegance of a string quartet of yesteryear. 

From the street to the concert hall, from the scaled-down Piccolo to the scaled-up Grande, Rusty Brass delights young and old with sweet melodies and bold harmonies.

5. El Loren

Lorenzo Mena (El Loren) is a percussionist, DJ and composer born in Madrid. He started his career as a drummer for several bands in the Madrid underground circle. El Loren was born as a project in the streets of downtown Madrid in 2011.

Unique instruments designed and created by hand by El Loren:

Set in constant evolution composed of PVC pipes, paint buckets, pans, bicycle bells, oven trays, ashtrays…everything is possible. Always recycled items. The inspiration that comes from electronic music creates a hypnotic atmosphere, based on organic rhythms that make audiences around the world dance. Styles such as techno, electro, dub, hip-hop and funk.

You can read more about these performers in the Programme section.


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