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3 bands performing for the first time at Gradić Fest!

Visitors to the Festival of Street Musicians every year have the opportunity to hear a certain number of musicians/bands playing at our festival for the first time, and this year will not be an exception. This year’s Gradić Fest will be held from August 24 to 26 at the foot of the Petrovaradin fortress. We present to you three bands whose performances we will enjoy for the first time on the cobblestones of Gradića!

  1. Dolores

Dolores is a female pop duo from Belgrade consisting of Ana Srećković and Marija Vukčević, philologists by profession, musicians by passion. Dolores finds inspiration for her music in the new talisman, in the bands of the eighties and nineties of the last century, but also in the music of contemporary alternative bands from the countries of the former Yugoslavia. In their songs, Dolores devotes herself to everyday topics, mostly dealing with real problems and feelings of imaginary characters. 

Their first single “Šta te radi” is an electro pop story about searching for answers, about regrets for missed opportunities and the uncertainty brought by the unknown.

2. Funk Shui

FUNK SHUI is an eclectic collective based in North Macedonia, driven by an insatiable curiosity to explore new avenues of musical expression. From their first album ‘Aether’ in 2012, through ‘REM’ in 2015 and EP ‘Impuls’ in 2018, the band has been constantly evolving, refining their vision and sound. In 2023, the band focuses on touring and delivering unforgettable live performances. They have already toured a wide range of countries including Great Britain, Poland, Austria, Germany, Holland and have held several tours in the Balkans. With their unwavering commitment to musical excellence and innovation, Funk Shui is a band that will command attention for years to come.

3. Oxajo

Oxajo is a new pop-rock band from Belgrade that brought together talented musicians already well-known on the scene: Dukat Strajnić and Ana Janković from the band Stray Dogg, Marko Ajković from the band Artan Lili and Dario Vuksanović from the band Savana. A unique blend of pop and rock’n’roll that combines different genres brings the audience a new and authentic sound. 

The band introduced itself to the audience with the single “Put”, a lively song that stands out with a strong bass line and dynamic guitars, and with it, as they say, gave the best insight into the already mentioned sound that combines the energy of rock and roll with emotional elements of pop, but also everything that we will hear yet. from this band. 

You can read more about these performers in the Performers section!

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