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Third Day On The 15th Street Musicians Festival

Dance Night with Phat Cat Swinger from California, Movaizhaleine from Gabon, gig on the terrace of Tanurdžić’s Palace, concerts, shows for kids, jugglers, high-altitude acrobatics and many more!

The main attraction of the third, and final day, of this year’s 15th jubilee Street Musicians Festival will be the Dance Night in the Catholic Courtyard!

The main stars of the Dance Night, 15 minutes before midnight, will be the American band Phat Cat Swinger. California’s masters of swing will play boogie-woogie, rockabilly, 50s rock’n’roll… Before them the stage will host performances from Belgrade’s jazzers Belgrade Dixieland Orchestra and VIS Limunada, a young Belgrade band performing oldies and retro pop-rock. The Night will begin at 9:15 PM, after the performance on the big stage in the Courtyard of Subotica’s Wooden Ambulance, band renowned for their successful fusion of gloomy Americana and garage rock.

Phat Cat Swinger

Unusual singer-songwriter from Belgrade Ilija Ludvig will perform on Liberty Square from 8:30 PM, as intro to the performance of the band Movaizhaleine, from the far away Gabon, who will present probably the best version of African hip-hop. Novi Sad’s Haos žongleri will afterwards have another festival performance, just before live electronic band Don’t Touch Anything steps on stage and with a ferocious gig close this year’s program on Liberty Square.

The Festival gig tonight from 6:15 PM, will have Novi Sad’s band Zbogom Brus Li – and, high above the audience, on the terrace of Tanurdžić’s Palace!

The stage on Liberty Square also features a great program as well, beginning from 5:30 PM, by Belgrade’s kid’s play Musical Show. Then Nando e Maila will perform their show concert with high-altitude acrobatics and yet another performance from the French clown and mime Jean Ménigault.

Also today, but on stage in Zmaj Jovina Street, the audience will have a chance to see the play Šljivik, and then the next generation of young artists will present themselves: singer and guitar player from Gornji Milanovac Dušana Stefanović, Novi Sad’s Duo Nomadiko (playing Russian Romani music) and the singer-songwriter from Kikinda performing under the name of Kezz. Indian dance by Italian Lisa Pellegrini will be presented tonight on the Festival, as well, before the ensuing concerts of the Slovenian acoustic band InSession, English guitarist The Flamenco Thief and the local Tranzistors.

Already from 4 PM, journalists and host from Radio Novi Sad and O Radio will, on the Festival RTV Stage, on Theatre Square, present bands Vanya Con Trios, Xanax, In Absentias

At the same time, in near by Dunavska Street – Novi Sad’s street dancers will groove and move, while Creative Drive will perform their play about proletarians and the lantern exhibition will light up the street; in 4 Mite Ružić Street – the barber shop Čarolija Berberaj will have yet another festival jazz gig; while over in Danube Park – the youngest visitors of the festival will have a chance to take part in the ecological workshop Water Experimentarium.

The Street Musicians Festival – lasting until the day’s end – is organized by the Art Association Inbox from Novi Sad, with support from the City of Novi Sad and the Provincial Secretary for Culture and Information, Tourist Organization of the City of Novi Sad, the embassy of the United States of America in Belgrade, the Italian Institute for Culture in Belgrade, the Serbian Petroleum Industry, Telekom Serbia and Generali Insurance Serbia.

Photographs from the Festival you can view on our flickr profile. The time table of the entire program, maps of the festival stages and performance locations, all about this year’s performers, news, and important information for all tourists – you can find on our official website. The PDF version of this year’s Festival Magazine can be downloaded on this link.

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