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The Street Musicians Festival and “Danas” together in a joint activity


A joint promotional activity of the Street Musicians Festival and the daily paper “Danas” was held today in the centre of Novi Sad, to the interest and amusement of passersby. Along with a brief art show, the citizens of Novi Sad had a chance to get informed about the upcoming, 14th in a row, Street Musicians Festival, reading “Danas”, whose weekend edition was released with a special attachment dedicated to this event, held next week in Novi Sad, from 4th to 6th September.

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The newspaper van-stand was parked from early morning at the beginning of Zmaj Jovina Street, and with every purchase of the “Danas” paper the customers had the opportunity to receive a free book of their choice, under the traditional activity of this publication “A thousand gifts for a thousand readers”. The paper was released today in the entire country, as well as the region, with a special four-page illustrated cover, entirely dedicated to the Street Musicians Festival. Along with the Festival’s schedule and map of  places where the performances will be held, this supplementary material also contained announcements of some of the most attractive programs of the event, as are the opening ceremony and the concert of the world famous Harlem Gospel Choir from New York on Thursday at 8:30pm on the Freedom Square, then the Irish Night on Friday at the Catholic courtyard and finally the “Open Up” project dedicated to contemporary Romani culture. An exclusive interview with the executive director of the Festival, Natali Beljanski Popović, concluded this special edition of “Danas”.

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As part of the promotional program was a performance by artists on stilts and jugglers from the art troupe “Creative Drive” from Novi Sad,  who were casually joined by one of the ever-present street musicians from the city centre. Thus, the great atmosphere at the foot of the Cathedral was the best possible way to announce the fast-approaching Street Musicians Festival. This cultural event is organized by the Art Association “Inbox” from Novi Sad, with media support of the newspaper “Danas”.

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