Zeroelectrodrum (Italy)


Pure electro music, or, in other words, techno music, but without a single electronic instrument, is a delicacy coming to Gradić from Italy. This self-aware artist doesn’t ask a lot, only a little space on the pavement, where he delivers his urban percussion sounds, ideal for a street party and wild dancing.

Zero Electro wears a disguise, but he is recognizable for his original approach to the contemporary music production. Without any help from electricity or some electronic devices, he fills the streets where he performs with electrification in the form of his unusual metal boards, pipes and other handicrafts made of recycled materials, which he transforms into percussions and plays mighty well. He is a mysterious and enigmatic artist who simultaneously plays great music and sends a universal ecological message for the 21st century: it is a short way from rejected things on a landfill to pure art.